Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Continued Greening


For anyone wondering whether or not the green movement can be a profitable venture, please pick up this month's copy of SFO magazine. It has about ten different articles on green businesses and shows examples of both profitable green investments and losing money green investments. The cover article is on the CEO of Patagonia. The link is www.sfomag.com.

I wanted to bring up the topic of recent purchases of public companies by private equity firms. I am young to the business and would like some knowledge as to the pros and cons of this type of venture. Is this a reaction to Sarbaines-Oxley legislation?

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pfstock said...

I subscribe to SFO Magazine, and it is worth every penny that I pay for it. :) Seriously though, there are some good articles. Most of the insights are about trading, which is interesting to read about.