Thursday, March 27, 2008

PBW news

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Here is the updated top ten list with news:

Fund Holdings subject to change
Cree Inc.
Applied Materials Inc.
Itron Inc.
MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.
First Solar Inc.

Ormat Technologies Inc.
JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (ADS)
OM Group Inc.
American Superconductor Corp.


AMAT - Clean Energy hold potential
Closed Mixed on Wed.

Ormat - drop in net for quarter

AMSC - CEO sells shares

Monday, March 24, 2008

PBW news for 3/24

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These are the top ten holdings with their percentages as of today.

Fund Holdings subject to change
Applied Materials Inc. 5.43%
Cree Inc. 5.25%
Itron Inc. 4.55%
MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. 4.48%
Ormat Technologies Inc. 3.79%

IDACORP Inc. 3.66%
First Solar Inc. 3.50%
American Superconductor Corp. 3.41%
Cosan Ltd. (Cl A) 3.40%
Portland General Electric Co. 3.39%

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/17-19 PBW news

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Belated Happy St. Patty's day!

Below is news, and any upgrades/downgrades of the top ten holdings of the ETF. I am still bullish on the ETF and still own the 22, 24 June credit spread. I would like to thank Yahoo! Finance, Marketwatch, and Powershares for the information.

Top Ten Fund Holdings subject to change

Applied Materials Inc. 5.47%, Cree Inc. 4.95%, MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. 4.64%,
Itron Inc. 4.39%, Ormat Technologies Inc. 3.75%, First Solar Inc. 3.65%, IDACORP Inc. 3.57%
American Superconductor Corp. 3.56%, OM Group Inc. 3.52%, Cosan Ltd. (Cl A) 3.44%


AMAT - In a story reported by Marketwatch, Applied Materials was upgraded by Caris and Company with a price target of 27 from 21. The full story is also in news.

News Stories

AMAT - Upgraded by Caris

MEMC - CEO made 1.8 million dollars last year

ITRI - NY Investor Day

FSLR - Cramer thinks this day is different

AMSC - New Orders from overseas

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/13/ PBW

Universal Display is releasing earnings after the close today. So we should see some movement on this tomorrow.

Here are the news for the 13th on PBW:

IBD article on Itron

Motley article on Ormat and First Solar

CNBC article on First Solar

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PBW 3/12


PBW has hit another bottom and has moved up over a dollar from that low. I am thinking there might (and I stress might) be a W forming here. The 50 day has crossed over the 200 day average and is located just at the middle of the prospective W (at about 23). I believe there is a short term bullish call up to 22.50. There will be some resistance at that point so watch out for that. If it breaks through this point, we will have a W. If not, I would wait and figure out if there is a range to be traded. Another note is that the bands have opened up and this stock has a history of riding the edges both negative and positive. Keep that in mind. Here is a graph as of 10:45 CST today. Stories of the day are below the graph.

Thanks to Yahoo Finance, Optionsxpress, and Powershares.

Seeking Alpha article on PBW

Seeking Alpha article on Suntech

TSC article on CREE

WSJ article on ITRI

Yahoo! article on Solar

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PBW for 3/11

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The dollar will continue to drop with Fed action. Cheney is in the Middle East to beg the princes for more oil. The clear fact is right now we are not in the bargaining position as China and India are a bigger percentage of oil consuming nations.

PBW has hit the skids big time here. I am screaming buy! This sell off is in a market where energy prices are driving people to alternative clean energy technologies. The sell off is still in the majority the financials and currencies. So this is a bargain. Per disclosure, I still have my June 22-24 call spread open. I still believe the fundamentals are still there for the company.

Here are some news stories about PBW and its companies:

Seeking Alpha article,

CNBC AMAT article

WSJ article on FSLR

TSC article on Solar

TSC article on Cree

CNBC article on Cosan

Monday, March 10, 2008

Put Congress in the blame


I am getting pretty angry over Congress' attempt to show it cares by putting Countrywide CEO's feet to the fire. The idea that smart men and women, elected to represent their community, did not know what was going on until now is an absolute joke.

They let these predatory lenders into their communities. They covered the banks' recent financial losses by accepting the Fed's rate cuts instead of demanding a higher rebate package. They simply had their head in the sand and their hands out for donations. I wonder what Countrywide and the other lenders political contributions were like.

Congress members failed their communities as much as the lenders failed. And now our financial system is in trouble. To be clear, I feel that this is not a democrat or republican failure. This is an institutional failure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/6 PBW and more

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PBW is testing 20 for the third time in a month. A couple of days ago I suggested a 21 straddle and that trade looks like a winner on the put side of things. I would actually look to sell the put at a profit at this point and ride the call. For disclosure purposes, I own a 22-24 June call spread that I still feel positive about.

Buffett is the richest person in the world. That is not surprising. The diversified but focused investment approach is in my opinion the best.

evil empire introduces 401k debit card

Hey everyone

Recently there has been an idea and execution of getting a debit card for your 401K plan. Stay away from that! It is simply another way for the banks to get at your hard earned dollars through fees, fines, and penalties. There is a plethora of articles on the subject with this one from genxfinance as an example.

Speaking of the banks, it has been noted here before how they have been saved by the federal government. I read in the Wall Street Journal today how Citi might be letting go of over 25,000 employees! Can you imagine what the damage might be had the feds not covered their butts?

PBW is trading at the low end of the range.