Thursday, January 21, 2010

opportunity let go due to discipline

So there is an excellent option opportunity tonight due to Google's earnings announcement after the bell.

But I will not be taking it due to the cash being committed to a different program (call selling) for future trades. Some may say that I should use the money now. But there being a slight possibility that the trade could be incorrect is enough motivation to keep from making that trade.

So what is the trade? It is a straddle trade with either IBM, Google, and Apple. It is my feeling that the growth in the winning option will outweigh the loss in the other option.

Tax cut, move your money

Hey everyone

I think it might be time for the Obama Administration to give a payroll tax cut. I'm thinking that most give to much money to the government during the year anyway.

I also think that moving your money from the big banks to your local banks might make sense in that it might help the local banks recover quicker and repay their outstanding bailout loans to the government. The big banks have already paid back their loans and have reported large profits (pre bailout payback for B of A and Citigroup)during the last quarter. I think it is important to show local bankers that run their business correctly that they have the communities support.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cumulative Advantage


I have recently started reading the book "SuperFreakonomics." I came across the term "Cumulative Advantage."

To me, this term has the same level of importance as compound interest. As I write this I am realizing this is a very strong way to become very wealthy. For example, when my savings hits a mark, a percentage gets pulled out and used for other investments. I believe this cycle will eventually lead my wealth creation to high levels. I will have a strong savings base that will grow and assist newer businesses flourish which will in turn do the same.

I recommend this book (I've only read two chapters) and recommend looking into the ideal of using the cumulative advantage to become wealthy!

Good Luck

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bank of America


I am going through a short sale that took Bank of America seven months to resolve. They in turn gave a two day notice to accept or the house goes to foreclosure. So nice of them. They have their jobs because of us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Wealth

Happy New Year!

Last year was a good one even through all the turmoil. There are a lot of opportunities for wealth this year whether they be taken in stocks, real estate, or any other investment idea.

I have helped start a call selling account which saw a few trades occur with varying results. You can see a blog on that account at This year will be focused on developing this account.

I am still seeing many real estate investment opportunities. If wealth develops in other investment areas, real estate will be on the table.

Keep saving and saving some more. The compound interest will be enjoyed.

Don't forget to give and donate time and fortune. Only then will you find true wealth.