Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pepsi = Green


Pepsi just announced in a recent article that they will be talking about and offering recycling at the Live Earth concert. I also noticed they have a woman North American president. The article from Yahoo is below. On another Pepsi note, I just received the quarterly dividend from Pepsi. It was 25% more than last quarter. It will go towards purchasing more shares. Thanks for the free stock!

I have just added the bond ETF AGG to the portfolio. I know that this will probably not garner much added income right away, but I believe that adding another safe income generating instrument to the portfolio continues the base formation of the portfolio. I don't need to get to the top of the mountain now. A few steps at a time. I have started to track the monthly interest and dividend income generated by my investments and will continue to see it grow with this purchase.

The Wikiwealth portfolio consists of the following:
Pepsi Stock (
Sharebuilder Money Market (
Optionsxpress Money Market (

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