Friday, January 25, 2008

purchased call spread for PBW


With the manic activity in the stock market, the price of a solar ETF (PBW) came down to a point where I could purchase a call spread.

So I went ahead and purchased the June 22 calls, and sold the June 24 calls (that is the spread). My thought is that with the continued spending on solar will continue in earnest by both private (corporations) and public institutions (government), the ETF will do well in the next few months. The max profit on the trade is around 115%. I do have a stop loss on the trade but will not show it. When the spread was purchased, the PE of the ETF was as low as 20!

I was able to handle this trade with the great assistance of Optionsxpress. Thanks to them!

There is a stock and options site that I find very good information. The site is called Phil's Stock World. It has very good analysis on the world markets.

Good luck to all traders. May you see value in your purchases and profits from your sales!

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