Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PBW for 3/11

Hey everyone

The dollar will continue to drop with Fed action. Cheney is in the Middle East to beg the princes for more oil. The clear fact is right now we are not in the bargaining position as China and India are a bigger percentage of oil consuming nations.

PBW has hit the skids big time here. I am screaming buy! This sell off is in a market where energy prices are driving people to alternative clean energy technologies. The sell off is still in the majority the financials and currencies. So this is a bargain. Per disclosure, I still have my June 22-24 call spread open. I still believe the fundamentals are still there for the company.

Here are some news stories about PBW and its companies:

Seeking Alpha article,

CNBC AMAT article

WSJ article on FSLR

TSC article on Solar

TSC article on Cree

CNBC article on Cosan

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