Monday, July 14, 2008

GLD, GE, and PBW

- It looks like my call spread trade with gld will be in a holding pattern until time value expires. I could have done a better job of analyzing the pricing on the options throughout the spread cycle.

- GE seems to be a holder but I cannot do much with it right now. I am holding as they are looking to sell some businesses.

- I am thinking that PBW is at a bottom for the rest of the year. The down trend which was fierce the last month has stopped completely. That is not to say that the ETF is moving up. Just that the down trend has stopped.

This type of financial environment is volatile to me but not scary. It is the reason I bought GLD in the first place. I believe every market has its opportunities. You just have to find them. If you have a strategy, then you will find a market or stock for that strategy. Be patient and do the work necessary to find those positions.

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