Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dimon's whining

What is Jamie Dimon thinking? As reported in a New York Times article, Mr. Dimon wrote a note to shareholders expressing his displeasure at the way politicians were demonizing big banks.

Now, the bank seems to be very well run. They also seemed to be in the least amount of trouble during the crisis. They didn't need the stimulus and paid it back as soon as possible. These are all positive aspects to JP Morgan Chase's business.

But to whine about politicians who represent the people is not a smart move. I don't remember seeing a thank you note to the government for guaranteeing his bank's purchase of Bear Stearns. This note in the letter to investors makes him look even more detached from what is going on in this country than previously thought. This note makes him look ungrateful to the public for bailing out the industry he is at the highest level of. It could even be considered similar to a let them eat cake comment.

Where Mr. Dimon should whine is Wall Street. To allow other banks to act so irresponsible without any public comments showed a lack of leadership from Mr. Dimon. Why isn't he whining about the banks that caused this mess and put the hurt on the American people. Why isn't he wondering out loud about how much money they caused his bank to lose?

If he really wants to step up to make his business better, he should be cheering for a higher standard of banking which includes better regulation. Looking to blame the politicians when the problem is your colleagues is weak at best. Mr. Dimon needs to be reminded who really caused the mess and who saved his livelyhood.