Monday, August 16, 2010

Rockefeller example

Back in the depression, there was one person (I'm sure not the only one) who saw the need for hiring, the need for building, and the need for leadership.

Strangely, the person I'm speaking about is John D. Rockefeller Jr..

The family owned a property in mid-town Manhattan when the depression hit. Rockefeller did something with this property that many big corporate executives of the time were unable to do. He decided that instead of hunkering down and keeping all of the family money, he would take a chance and develop the property. In the end, the project hired over 75,000 people. He was also able to convince other corporations like RCA to participate in the development the property. His vision to develop the property helped middle to lower economic class Americans. Together, the people working on the project not only built an American icon, it assisted a little bit in helping America get out of the depression.

The property is Rockefeller Center.

It would be nice if companies and wealthy entrepreneurs of this time would look to this example when wondering whether or not to hire. There is plenty of money out there. It is just being kept hostage because of fear and greed. The holders' of capital need to show some faith and get some projects going. The government can't be the only entity hiring.

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