Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving forward economically one step at a time post 1

This is the beginning post to a series covering the topic of how to move this country's economy forward. Smaller sub-topics such as levels of corporate profits, war budgets, government budgets, consumer spending, and comparing the actions of this generation to the actions of previous generations actions during similar times will be covered.    

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Penny Stock Blog said...

As far as moving forward goes. I think a great idea would be a non profit banking company to make small business loans. It would be run just like a regular bank but would be able to charge lower interest rates because its charter would be non profit. But its illegal ever heard of such a thing. Why because goldman' bank of america and all the other mega financial institutions want nothing of the sort. Wallmart wanted to have a bank of their own for other reasons of course but they can not get a charter from the federal goverment to run their own bank. The financial interests are just to powerful.