Monday, November 12, 2007

Etrade and last week


Etrade is now currently trading at 4 bucks a share. There is a chance that they might have to declare bankruptcy. The Yahoo article is below.

The slide in stocks will slow but I am starting to believe the market will be in a trading range. This might be a time to sell some out of the money calls to pick up some extra cash in stocks in markets such as food (MCD, PEP, KO). The extra cash could be used to pick up some shares within these companies that will continue to make money.

If you are looking to speculate, look no further than alternative energy. First Solar has continued to move up into the 200 dollar range. This might continue with the oil market consistently making new highs. As long as oil is up, so will the other energy markets.

Being that it is veterans day, the thought of investing in defense contractors seems like a solid bet for the forseeable future. But do your homework and find the right company. This is just a thought.

Good luck and happy veterans day!!!!

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