Wednesday, November 14, 2007

low dollar problems


There is an interesting article below that talks about the level of petrodollar union being busted for a petroeuro system because of the falling value of the dollar. That could cause some trouble bond wise.

The markets bounced yesterday. Continue to buy the basic companies with strong earnings and dividends (PEP, GE, GS) while continuing your research into oversold financials. I know there are some out there who didn't get sucked into the sub prime hype like Goldman Sachs. They are the ones to buy. Did I mention Goldman Sachs isn't in trouble? I just want to make sure I mentioned that Goldman has so far avoided the subprime mess.

Speaking of subprime, the Wall Street Journal has an article today talking about the smart banks and the dumb banks. As I do not have a subscription, I cannot provide a link. I can only let you know that it is on page A2 of today's paper.

Keep an eye on Apple. The stock was hit to a tune of 20% and that to me sounds alarms technically. If it does not eclipse its high during the Xmas shopping season with the new Ipod Touch (which is certainly possible), I would look to sell.

Like I said in a previous post, I am currently only holding retirement accounts while continuing my education. But come the first of the year, I will be investing again.

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