Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Hello everyone

I am writing this blog to help expand the use of credible knowledge of investing in this world. This blog will be used to broadcast different investment ideas and provide reasons why, and when they are used. This blog will also be used to suggest other media outlets (to include tv, radio, print, blogs) that may be helpful.

I have over fifteen years investing experience with the stock market. I've read probably about 50 investing books covering the most basic and conservative to the complicated aggressive strategies. As a disclaimer, I will always mention my personal experience with a particular investment topic I am covering. I feel trading/investing ideas are only truly seen and felt if you experience them yourself.

Make sure and let your feelings on subjects known. I do demand that all ideas/opinions must be expressed in a respectful manner.

Please forward your email address to so that you can be notified of any new blogs I put out. As always, if you feel that you no longer want to receive posts, just reply to the email with delist as the subject.

I wish all investors good luck and may we all find Green Wealth!

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