Friday, March 9, 2007

Rule #1

Wikiwealth's Rule #1 - Know your investment inside and out before you give any money to it.

This goes for any investment. It could be school, stock, bonds, a new pair of shoes, whatever. If you don't know your investment, the chances are that you will lose value. Plain and simple.

Military philosopher Sun Tzu (The Art of War, is known for saying that if a person knows himself and the enemy, he will almost always win; if he only knows himself or the enemy he will lose one for every win; and if he knows neither, he will lose almost every time (currently see the March 55 call for Electronic Arts, ).

Also, Warren Buffet's #1 rule is never lose money. But he fails to mention that he uses Green Wealth's #1 rule to correctly implement his own #1 rule.

The same goes for investing. You need to know the company that you are investing in. In future blogs, I will start to discuss strategy.

Remember that I am still continuing my own investment education and in no way recommend that any investments in the Green Wealth portfolio are good for everyone.

The Green Wealth Portfolio currently consists of:

Pepsi (
March 55 Call for Electronic Arts (
Sharebuilder Money Market (

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