Friday, March 23, 2007


To begin, I would like to say I am a beginner when it comes to investing in options. I currently have one call option open that is going to expire worthless because I didn't follow any rules whatsoever!

That said, I think that investing in options with clear entry and exit points clarified before making the investment is and will continue to be a huge money maker. I have set aside a small portion of my investment account to trade options. I recommend doing plenty of research (reading, seminars, webinars) before you do. Trading options can be very risky. I believe the key is to know your exit points and have a risk to reward ratio that is acceptable to have some lost trades for every winner.

If you are interested in looking at options, optionsxpress ( has an amazing website. For disclosure purposes, I do have an account with them. Their education section is second to none. They have practice accounts, risk/reward rations, and everything under the sun. They also embody the collaboration movement and are always looking for ways to improve their site. There are also not minimum deposit. They are traders themselves!

All next week I will be blogging about options and why they can be a great revenue generator.

The Wikiwealth portfolio consists of the following:
Pepsi Stock(
March 55 Call for Electronic Arts (
Sharebuilder Money Market (
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Take care and happy investing!

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